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Just another way to book share.

Book share

Free Library

I’ve started to see these little “Free Libraries” pop up in different neighborhoods. Apparently it is a program sponsored by the city of Los Angeles and Burbank (and there are probably more throughout the country). You give the “Little Free Library” people a call, and they come out and set up this bird-house looking contraption in your front yard and then you fill it with books! A sign on the front glass tells you take a book or leave a book, and bring back the “loaned” book whenever you can.

The result? Genius book sharing. Now, this little library in particular has some, ahem, not very interesting books located within, unless you are into Sunset gardening guides from 1982 or some old–ish scifi novels. There are also a few battered children books. I guess the point is to share, but I would love it if home-owners also dropped in their precious books (the books you read, treasure, and save), and not just the old copies of stuff they have lying around that they would most likely throw out or donate to Goodwill anyway.

Yes, the good ol’ regular library is also free, but even libraries have its limitations. Did you know that it takes just ONE parent or person to call the board and complain that a branch carries a certain book of “poor taste” (think of all the banished books from schools) and that book is usually removed right away??! I don’t know what the rules are regarding the “Little Free Library”, but what if we started our own book revolution? All banished books, all “questionable” books, all of the hard-to-find books, all treasured and collectables get put out there into the world for enjoyment. I’m not saying “The Joy of Sex” has to be front and center on the street, but let’s fill these wonderful little boxes with gems and make it accessible to everyone.

And how great is it that if you find yourself in need of a book at 10pm and you can just walk over to the next house in your pajamas and pick up a free book? This is what I call the next wave in library science.


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9 thoughts on “Just another way to book share.

  1. I LOVE the idea of the Little Free Libraries! The website is here:
    You can check the site map to find other Little Free Libraries in your area–and around the world! There aren’t any near my home, but according to the map there should be one near my office–I’m going to have to take a trip on my lunch break soon to see if I can find it!

    • Hey thanks for posting the link! We rent our house, so I’m not sure the landlord will allow us to put in a box, but I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and put some of my “treasured” books in the free library near my place.

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    awsome …

  3. “Little free library” is a great idea!

    “Did you know that it takes just ONE parent or person to call the board and complain that a branch carries a certain book of “poor taste” (think of all the banished books from schools) and that book is usually removed right away??” Is that true? People should have access to whatever book they want to. It should be considered a right. Books help people become a better person and think individually and outside the box. I live in Spain and thankfully no one can call the library complaining about certain books and asking to remove them… I think that if someone does not like a book because it goes againts their beliefs, thinks that is of “poor taste” or whatever, they are obliged to respect everyone else’s freedom to read it or not.

    I support the book revolution!!! 🙂

    • Hi Paula! Yes, it is true about book banishment! We just had a week celebrating banned books here in the US and a lot of news programs were talking about certain books and why/how they get banned. I think it’s interesting that as a country that prides itself on free speech, it doesn’t take much to take away a book…and one’s right to read it. Book revolution, here we come!

  4. I love this idea! We are just now seeing them pop-up in iowa. I didn’t know it was as easy as calling them though. That’s great it’s so easy.

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  6. This is so cool! I could definitely see people just dropping off uninteresting stuff they don’t want anymore, though. That is disappointing. 😦

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