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2013 Book Challenge Check-in

Greetings! Again, apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have somewhat of a good excuse… I got married last month! It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve had my mind set on writing a few new posts and getting back into the swing of things.

First things first, though, I feel it’s time to peek into my 2013 Challenge to read 55 books  before the end of the year. I had HOPED to catch up on my list during my honeymoon, and while I did make good headway, I didn’t end up reading as many novels as I had anticipated.

What I’ve learned so far: Don’t try to turn reading books into a marathon just so you will finish your challenge. I had a hard time enjoying certain books because I was solely focused on finishing them.  That being said, if the book just isn’t speaking to me I gave myself permission to let it go. “Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” is an unfinished book on my list.

What I never thought I would accomplish so far: Actually reading 2 out 3 of the longest and heaviest books on my list! I didn’t think I would get around to those, but both “11/22/63” and “A Game of Thrones” turned out to be gems, so I’m glad I read them.

Books that completed disappointed: “Starting Over”, “One Thousand White Women”, “A Ticket to Ride, “Flight Behavior”, “The Night Circus”, “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me”, “The Red House”, and “The Alienist” turned out to be  major duds.

Books that made me want to read more by the same author: Probably “The Women” and “Let the Great World Spin” prompted me to take an extended interest in T.C. Boyle and Colum McCann. Honorable mention goes to Rennie Airth and mystery “River of Darkness”.

Here is my list of finished books with an asterisk (*) if I’ve included a review on this blog.

1.  The Women- T.C. Boyle

2. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

3. The Alienist- Caleb Carr

4. A Spot of Bother- Mark Haddon

5. Flight Behavior- Barbara Kingsolver

6. The Last Days of Dog Town- Anita Diamant

7. Bossy Pants- Tina Fey

8. Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly- Anthony Bourdain

9. Let the Great World Spin- Colum McCann *

10. Wolf Hall- Hilary Mantel *

11. The Red House- Mark Haddon

12. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter- Seth Grahame-Smith *

13. Starting Now- Debbie Macomber

14. Girl Walks into a Bar…- Rachel Dratch *

15. Started Early, Took My Dog- Kate Atkinson *

16. On Writing- Stephen King *

17. A Ticket to Ride- Paula McLain

18. Bright Lights, Big City- Jay McInerney *

19. 11/22/63- Stephen King

20. The Partly Cloudy Patriot- Sarah Vowell *

21. Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions on cooking for one- Jenni Ferrari-Adler

22. Murder Below Montparnasse- Cara Black

23. One Thousand White Women- Jim Fergus * (under post “The Discerning Reader”)

24. Bohemian Paris- Dan Franck

25. Restless- William Boyd *

26. Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth- Reza Aslan

27. City of Thieves- David Benioff

28. Human Croquet- Kate Atkinson

29. The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern

30. Lies That Chelsea Handler Told me- Chelsea Handler

31. River of Darkness- Rennie Airth

32. A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1)- George R. R. Martin

33. Time and Again- Jack Finney

34. CURRENTLY READING: Water Music- T.C. Boyle



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2 thoughts on “2013 Book Challenge Check-in

  1. I loved 11/22/63! That was my first audiobook experience, and it was great. Bummer that you didn’t enjoy The Night Circus. I finally got around to it last month and was enthralled.

    P.S. – Thanks for participating in my challenge! In the next check-in, can you please specify which categories the books satisfied? Also, you can only use each category once; I noticed you had two books for 5 points each, but there is only one category worth 5 points. Let me know if you have any questions about how it works! 🙂

    • Hi Megan,
      Yes, 11/22/63 was fantastic. A great time travel book! And I did really like the last 100 pages of The Night Circus, but for most of the novel I really couldn’t get into the story. It’s a visually stunning novel, though!

      I’ll do better with the check-in next time! I actually had some issues posting my results on blog-spot for some reason. I had to type everything in about 4 times before it would officially post… I probably was so harried that I left out some details!

      Thanks 🙂

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