Girl with thoughts, beware.

Think. Write. Repeat.

Book clutter dilemmas.

Step #2: “Realize books do not define you.”

Interesting food for thought. And yet the idea of parting with my treasured books (and I’m one who needs to downsize) gives me extreme pause.

I found the below post through a friend on Facebook, and I was so surprised by all the emotions that arose regarding even the THOUGHT of decluttering my book collection!

12 Helpful, Practical Steps to Unclutter Your Book Collection | Becoming Minimalist www.becomingminimalist.comIf your book collection has become too cluttered, you’ll find help here. If you ever feel burdened by your books, you’ll find inspiration. 12 helpful, practical steps to unclutter your book collection.

Not letting go of a particular book because I mistakenly think it adds value to who I am is probably the hardest lesson for me to learn and accept. See previous post “Bookshelf Shame” for more on this topic.

Recently, I’ve been on a quest to fulfill steps 11 and 12 on this list: Realize sharing books is an act of love and if all else fails, choose to lend them out. I’ve put a few volumes in the Free Library box in my neighbor and I freely and willy nilly leant four personal favorites to a friend, fully aware that I may never see them again. Trust me, that took a small amount of courage.

But what I’m most after is spreading joy and knowledge. If a certain novel gives me complete and utter joy, I want to share it (even facing the fear that he/she might not love it as much as I do). There is no better way to educate and to communicate, to discover and to learn than through books, and if this means I have to give up the ghost and donate a few, well, here’s a gal whose willing to try.

What about you, readers? Did the article bring enlightenment or anxiety?


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2 thoughts on “Book clutter dilemmas.

  1. I agree that books don’t define us, but don’t they give us a sense of identity? I know darn well that I puff up like a proud Rooster when I peruse my small collection. Perhaps when I have a larger collection it will be easier to part with a few, but what’s a few extra inches on the bookcase? Keep ’em!

    • Yep, it’s a slippery slope when it comes to books. I definitely look at my book case with glee when I see my favorite books and remember where I was and how I felt when I read them. But I sometimes wonder if I really keep them for sentimental reasons or if I keep them around “on display” to show that I’m well-read. It’s a constant battle with me, cuz I’m well aware of what I easily give away vs what I keep. Half of them I will probably never reread, so what’s the harm in sharing? It’s still so hard for me to part with them… But you are right- as long as there is room on the shelf, they can stay!

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